Relieve Sciatica Pain With Yoga

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To relieve sciatica pain instantly might be something that is impossible. However, over time and patience, one can slowly ease the feelings by practicing simple form of stretchings everyday.

Yoga For Healing

Yoga is often thought as a way to destress and closely related to meditation techniques. But not many realises that yoga is practiced since the ancient times to heal and recover oneself. This includes not only physical health, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Therefore, different people practiced yoga with different intentions. Some used it as a form of sports and exercise, while some practises to clear the mind from all the stress that they face. Others, practises it to heal themselves from illnesses that relates to the mental health such as depression, and some from physical health issues that includes to relieve sciatica pain.

The following are a few of the yoga poses that are recommended to help one relieve sciatica pain. Do check out how to begin and end the poses safely before attempting to create the poses. Always seek a professional’s opinion before attempting to try out any relieve methods for your condition for your own safety.

Recommended Yoga Poses


Downward-Facing Dog


Extended Side-Angled


Low Lunge


Cobra Pose

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Stretching and practising these yoga poses will definitely help you out in reducing the lower back pain. Do understand that you will not get result instantly. Practising everyday will help your body to readjust itself to a better and proper state of being.

Do remember to seek a professional’s advice before trying out any method that you doubt. Your safety is the number one priority.