New Sciatic Treatment Discovery Leads to Quick Sciatic Pain Relief

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New Sciatic Treatment

A recent discovery of sciatic treatment has been made for a better pain relief. The pain could start from the lower part of the back and glutes, and might even travel down the legs all the way to the feet. The difference between a regular back pain and sciatica is the pain that is felt below the knee area. An injury or compression of the sciatic nerve which is located in the lumbar of the spine is the reason why it is called Sciatica.

Common Treatments

Among the common sciatic treatment includes drugs that are anti-inflammotory and non-steroid based which includes narcotics like codeine and ibuprofen. Others would include special types of exercises and stretches, and also bed rest. In cases where the condition is at its worst, surgery procedures and injections of cortisone into the spine can be performed.

Treatment For Those Who Are Serious About Treating Their Sciatica

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One of the effecive and fast sciatic treatment that doctors have agreed upon is massages. Massages aresciatic-treatment able to ‘loosen’ the compression, or in other terms able to ease the situation through spinal decompression. A certified chiropractore or physical therapist can perform this procedure with the help of a specialized traction machine. This traction machine uses computrized motors to apply a certain amount of force (which is calculated properly) to the spine which will then decompresses the spinal discs of patients. The negative pressure created in the discs pulls herniated discs away from the sciatic nerve while increasing blood flow and nutrient availability to the area.

With the new computerized spinal decompression systems, pain during sciatic treatment is a thing of the past as the computers adjust the motors with each response of the body. Therefore, treatment is performed while the muscles are constantly relaxed for maximum effectiveness. Eventhough this sciatic treatment is not for everyone (depending on their condition specifically), the sucess rate for it is between 80 to 90%. Making this the treatment with the highest success rate among other sciatic treatments available.

Talk to your doctor or chiropractor about spinal decompression today.